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The SEO Handbook for Photographers | Search Engine Optimization Guide

Jen Bilodeau, is an amazing photographer, business owner, mentor, and business coach. I am also lucky enough to call her my friend. Her background in finance adds a unique layer of expertise to how she manages her own business, and her students greatly benefit from her experience. Throughout her mentoring, her students often have questions [...]

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How to Improve SEO – 5 Tips for Your Website

At this time, greater than 90% of the websites I build and maintain are WordPress websites. WordPress itself is SEO friendly, but there are things you can do to improve your search engine optimization each time you add a new blog post or page. This article includes some items that are specific to WordPress, but these tips can be applied to any web page or blog post. Read these 5 Tips to Improve your blog post SEO to learn more.

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